Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Last Day...

....Of August!!
Typical Calgary let down:
Today's high: 9 degrees. C'mon really Calgary?!
Oh well, between work and my CPR re-certification class I'll be stuck inside all day anyways so I guess I'll get over it.
Even if this terrible weather wasn't rubbing my face in it...summer is ending :(
It's very sad yes, but I'm sooo ready to go back to school! Yes, I'm a huge nerd, but I'm pretty sure my brain has shrunk by like at least 80% this summer. I guess that means I had a successfully relaxing summer? Some successes: 1) I did practice yoga EVRYDAY in August! 2) Lots of family time. 3) Somehow forced myself to finish that online philosophy course (and got and A?!) 4) Lots of bike riding and camping. 5) Started this blog!
That was a very short recap, but overall a good summer!
Bring it September!

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