Health is my greatest passion because without it, every other part of your life falls out of place.  To me, health means having peace and balance - not only in our physical bodies, but in our hearts, minds, thoughts and relationships as well.  We need harmony and synergy between all of these components if we want to truly live and thrive!

As a nursing student, I have seen how devastating it can be when someone loses control of his or her health.  That’s why I have committed to living a healthy lifestyle that will allow me to thrive, and help other people do the same!

Essentially, I believe in eating whole foods that are as nutrient-dense as possible. I believe in eating massive amounts of fruits and vegetables, with enough wholesome carbohydrates and healthy amounts of pure protein and healthy fats to match the needs of your lifestyle.  It's all about balance, and figuring out what your needs are! Food is simply fuel for your body. What you put in is what you will get out of it. Nourish yourself with the best, and you can expect to feel your best!

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietician, or personal trainer (yet).  My opinions and philosophy are based on my personal experience and research as well as courses I have taken in nursing school.  

Here you will find my health-related posts (eventually).