Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mmm Thanksgiving Weekend...
This (horrible picture) pretty much sums it up. Following tradition, me and the rest of the family enjoyed a very quiet weekend filled with long walks, farmers markets, cooking and eating. Lots of eating.
We LOVE a good turkey meal (look how happy they look!). My sister was up from Lethbridge for the long weekend, which was great because one of my favorite parts of big family dinners is watching her get REALLY excited over the turkey...
And dessert! You better believe she was excited about this one. Almost as stoked as I was.... 
Why don't I make pumpkin pie more often?! Every time thanksgiving or christmas rolls around I'm reminded of its deliciousness, yet I still only eat it like twice a year. Why?! Also, as I baked this baby (plus another and a bunch of little pumpkin tarts) the whole house was taken over by the indescribably amazing smell of buttery pastry and pumpkin spice. Best smell in the world. 
Followed by the best reaction by my family to a dessert ever! I am laughing really hard as I type this thinking about my dad's LOVE for this pie. I think he's eaten about half a pie (plus 4 tarts) over the past 24 hours and he savored every, last bite with his eyes closed for "maximum focus and enjoyment." I love my dad.
Before sitting down to turkey dinner round 2, we took the dogs for a loong walk. 
Obviously I should also have a fashion blogged based on the above picture. Lookout the scarf/sweatpant/ugg combination is making a come back. 
Anyways, it was absolutely gorgeous! We found this perfect, sunny, golden spot and if I could I would stand in that spot forever.
As cheesy as this is going to sound, I am so grateful for that spot. It made me want to breath and be ALIVE. I am grateful for every day I have to live and love the family, body and beautiful world God has given me.
Happy Thanksgiving :)  

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